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I work with adolescents and adults on a wide-range of issues and concerns. Regardless of your identities or what brings you to therapy, I use an intersectional feminist approach. This approach to therapy recognizes the role that oppressive structures and forces play in people’s lives and helps them navigate, cope with, and respond to oppression. It also recognizes that experiences of power and privilege can distort people's perception of reality and works to help them return to a place of self-reflection and community. You are a person with intrinsic dignity and worth. This truth will always be at the center of our relationship and the work that we do together.

I specialize in working with individuals and couples in three primary areas:

Sex and Relationships

Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Expression (SOGIE)

Body Image, Acceptance, & Positivity

Please read more about my approach in these areas below. For more information or to book an appointment, contact me.

Currently, I am only able to accept self-pay clients. To help ensure that my services are accessible, I use a sliding scale fee. 


Sex and relationships can and should be positive forces within our lives. Too often, however, they become sources of conflict, anxiety, and shame. I work with individuals and couples to find healing, intimacy, and pleasure. My approach to sex and relationship work is solution-focused and rooted in compassion and communication.


I'm passionate about working with LGBTQ+ folks. I work with LGBTQ+ folks on issues directly related to their sexuality and gender, as well as other life concerns. Regardless of the focus of our work together, I will affirm and celebrate your identities and experiences as powerful sources of strength.


Relationships with our bodies can be complicated. Many people, especially people with bigger bodies, have learned to hate their bodies and treat them with contempt or as projects to be fixed or brought under control. I work with people to mend their relationships to their bodies and come to places of acceptance and appreciation. I generally use a CBT-focused approach in this area and will never prescribe weight loss or dieting.

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