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I take on a limited number of consulting projects. I believe in leveraging my content expertise, social work and educational psychology practice skills, and research abilities to assist community organizations and agencies. I'm driven to work for social change and towards social justice. Being in and part of the community is at the core of all my work.


Please read more about the types of consulting services that I can offer below. Pro bono and discounted consulting rates are sometimes available for agencies and organizations with a strong and demonstrable commitment to community-based work, social justice, and LGBTQ+ and POC leadership. Contact me to discuss your project and request a proposal.

Due to my academic appointment and clinical work, I am not always able to independently take on consulting projects with a very large scope. In these cases, it may be possible to work with me through a contract with UNO. Please contact me about your project and I can advise you on the best way to proceed, including referrals to other experts and consultants.




I regularly provide training and professional development on topics related to my areas of practice and research. Broadly, these include sexuality and gender, sexuality education, diversity and access issues, positive youth development, and body size and image. See my CV for previous presentations and trainings.

Many projects have educational potential, but require formalization for funding, implementation, and evaluation. I can work with your content expertise to create developmentally appropriate lesson plans with educational rationales, learning objectives, and interactive activities that are replicable and with measurable outcomes.

There are many ways to evaluate outcomes and effectiveness. I focus on using qualitative methods (interviews and focus groups) in order to tell the story of your program from a particular perspective. These stories, often presented in combination with quantitative measures, can offer a more complete and compelling view of your program.

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